I am so excited you are here! I have more than 40 presentations and classes that will be coming. Here are a few core teachings to help you on your path to seeking Wisdom.

introduction to the heavenly woman

Learn to think and see with new eyes. We start in the Garden of Eden, and follow the story of the Heavenly Woman in history

Date: February 9 at 1 pm Mountain

the tree of life

history and meaning

History of the Tree of Life from Adam and Eve to Jesus Christ

Date: March 8th at 1 pm Mountain

Back To the garden

learn how to undo the curse

The Garden is symbolically represented in Temples. Temples are holy places where earth meets heaven. Come and learn how Satan deceives mankind, and keeps us stuck in fallen thinking, and a dark and dreary world. There are fabulous truths to be revealed, about your journey on earth, and your heavenly home, that will bring you more light and joy!

Date: Friday, February 16 at 1 pm


discover the seed of genius within you

How do I, as a woman, learn to tap into the brilliance that is within me? How do I fill the measure of my creation?

Date: February 23 at 1 pm Mountain

God's Plan for

America The new Jerusalem

History teachers cannot teach what they don't understand. What is America's Purpose and Destiny? How is it to be accomplished? What tools did our Founders leave us?

Date: April 5 at 1 pm Mountain

America's Destiny in unveiling Wisdom

Women who have “eyes to see”, will begin to understand the role model given to us by God.

Date: March 22 at 1 pm Mountain

city of ladies

A fabulous book, that looks at the patterns of blindness that have been perpetrated on women due to false cultural beliefs. Enjoy the wit, of this amazing author from the 1300’s. You will find yourself here, and recognize blindness we still have today.

Date TBA

Hidden wisdom

The Law of the Mother

As you learn some of Her 'code' names, you will find Her in the scriptures. Just as how Jesus has over a hundred names to tell us more about His character, so does the Heavenly Woman. Come learn more of Her names and roles.

Date: March 15 at 1 pm Mountain


Learn the amazing lessons in Facsimiles 1,2, and 3, as we find them reproduced in Hopi art near the Grand Canyon. The Woman has a very special role to a Hero!!

Discover the pattern for success. The Beloved Woman, is a key to your success.

Date: TBA

The Curse of Eve and how to reverse it

Come learn about the curse specific to Eve and her daughters and discover how you can start to undo and reverse this curse. Discover the blessings available to God's daughters as we come to understand who we are.

Date: April 29 at 1 pm Mountain


Why did the ancients build temples? What was the purpose of Soloman's temple? What was the woman's role?

Date: Friday, April 26 at 1 pm Mountain


Explore the patterns and symbols embedded in this story

The story that started my journey of discovery over 10 years ago. Such a treasure trove of mysteries that will be revealed. Asenath, is the wife of Joseph, the guy with the coat of many colors, one of the original 12 sons of Jacob. (Gen 41, 46)

Date TBA

Unveiling wisdom in DC

Celebrate the month of Mother by uncovering the mysteries of Wisdom hidden in Washington DC.

Date: May 2, 3

Investment just $320

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One day women's retreat

Join Robin Young and Felice Austin

Awakening Your Female Genius

Learn, dance, play, grow and glow!

Lunch included

Click the link below for more information.

Date: Saturday, April 27th 9:00 am - 4:00 pm







Names of the Heavenly Woman

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